Complete Restoration

After raising a family, the homeowners decided that with all their children grown they simply required much less space.  Reluctant to leave the area they love, they directed their attention to a neglected artist studio on their property near the existing home.  After some preliminary designs and budget estimates with their architect, it became apparent that much of the original structure had declined beyond restoration to the point of requiring replacement.

We carefully removed the existing wood frame structure, retaining the stone foundation, first floor, and stone chimney.   The new structure was built on the original foundation to be as faithful as possible to the original Studio. A two story garage addition with bridge to the house and Entry completes the studio’s transformation into an independent modern home. Materials which escaped the worst decay, such as the soffit brackets, were carefully removed, restored and reinstalled, while any new materials were chosen with faithful consideration to the structure’s history.  Although only a portion of the decorative band at the exterior of the first floor was able to be salvaged, we painstakingly recreated missing pieces to reproduce this striking detail.  On the interior, exposed portions of the original stone foundation walls and salvaged timber beams stand in testament to the original 1905 construction.

Photography by: Massery Photography, Inc.

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