Custom Green Home

Assembling the right team was critical to the completion of this custom home. On a project of this scale with such a high level of detail, you need craftsman with great technical skill and collaborative spirit.  Often times, changes in scope or finish were discussed and implemented directly in the field at our weekly site meetings.

True green building involves building a house to last.  While we always strive to follow responsible building practices, it was of special concern on this project, which features many elements selected specifically for their environmental impact.

The home is clad with copper siding.  A completely recyclable material, the copper siding has a long lifespan.  Copper does not need to be painted or coated with any chemicals and over time will develop a wonderful light green patina on the outer surface which actually helps protect the copper.

The roofing is TCS or terne, a zinc alloy which prevents corrosion, coated stainless steel.  This material also does not need to be painted or treated and will go through a patina process similar to copper, weathering to an earthy gray.  The steel roof helps insulate the building, lowering energy expended to heat and cool the interior.

All the hardwood oak flooring materials came from a local forest and sawmill, certified by the independent non-profit groups the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance which monitor and support responsible forestry practices and the environmental, social, and economic impact of their business.  By obtaining this high quality material from a local family owned forest, we reduced the energy expended on transportation.

The house is insulated with highly efficient spray foam insulation.  Heated and cooled by a geothermal heat pump, the insulation reduces energy loss by keeping the climate controlled air inside the house.

Photography by: Craig Thompson Photography