We collaborate with the architect and subcontractors regarding the details necessary to achieve an excellent finished product. This might include researching specified new products or drawing upon our experience to explore viable alternatives for aesthetics, quality, and cost efficiency.

Open Communication

The flow of ideas and information continues throughout construction as Avanti serves as the communication hub for clients, architects, and our extensive network of craftsmen.  From phone calls and emails to site meetings, an open dialogue is essential to keep everyone working toward the same goal.

Professional Management

To keep construction progressing efficiently, each project is assigned a production manager and lead carpenter.  One of Avanti’s principal partners serves as production manager, overseeing all aspects of the project from the initial meeting with the architect to the final building inspection.  The lead carpenter functions as the on-site construction manager whose responsibilities include performing carpentry labor, delegating work to other carpenters, and insuring proper installation of selected products.

Construction Team

Together the production manager and lead carpenter coordinate subcontractors, schedule deliveries, and ensure the accuracy and quality of all work performed.  Both possess a detailed understanding of the plans and details specific to each project.  Subcontractors are selected from our network of craftsman based on their specialized skills necessary for the individual project.