Seeking to gain an income through rental properties, Saverio Sr. purchased a small apartment building in desperate need of renovations.

Saverio Jr. and Joseph joined with their cousin Salvatore Staltari to completely rehabilitate their father’s building, performing much of the work themselves with the experience and contacts that they had gained while working for other employers.  Finding joy and satisfaction in improving homes, Saverio, Joseph, and Salvatore decided to pursue this endeavor on their own and became business partners with the creation of Avanti Construction, Inc.

Founded as a family business, integrity and quality have always been core principles for Avanti Construction.  Since our beginning, we approach each new project with the care and attention we would apply to our own homes.  In fact, after nearly thirty years, Avanti Construction still maintains our office in one renovated unit of Saverio Sr.’s apartment building, our very first project.

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