Working as a general contractor in the Pittsburgh area, Avanti Construction has built many projects of varying sizes and scope. We apply our trademark craftsmanship and proficient service to every project from small renovations to complete new custom homes.

Project Estimating

Even before construction documents are finalized, we can provide a preliminary estimate.  Having a general idea about project cost can help direct the design process.  When the project is ready to progress, one of Avanti’s business partners prepares a detailed estimate.  Proposals will be procured from subcontractors in order to determine the best value at the highest quality.  All this information is then compiled into a single master estimate sheet to give a complete picture of project cost.

Organizing Subcontractors

Many aspects of construction call for specialized skills, such as electrical or plumbing.  Avanti has built relationships with many subcontractors who are masters of their individual crafts, each with unique specialties.  Drawing upon our ever expanding network, we can match the right subcontractor to a project based on a variety of factors from skill level to cost.

Data Processing

Throughout the construction process, we carefully track all aspects of information specific to each individual project.  As invoices arrive at our office, they are given to the project managers, one of the business partners, for scrutiny and approval.  Once an invoice is approved, our office manager enters it into our contracting software to apply to project billing.  Avanti employees also submit handwritten timecards for everyday worked to ensure accurate application of hours for each project.

Product Research

Although our years of experience have given us a working knowledge of a great variety of building materials, we are always eager to learn more.  When we encounter an unfamiliar product, we will conduct our own research; gathering technical specifications and discussing the proposed usage with the manufacturers’ representatives.