Kitchen Addition

Complete interior renovations at the first floor created a new kitchen and breakfast nook.  To open up the space for the kitchen a brick chimney needed to be removed from the first floor only.  Although no longer in use, the masonry chimney was an important aspect of a tile bathroom right above the kitchen.  Through various site meetings with the architect, an engineer, and our construction team, we devised a method to safely extract the bricks then insert a steel beam to support the upper floors and remaining chimney.  When everyone approaches the project with a strong sense of cooperation, even seemingly impossible ideas can be realized.

The breakfast nook also boasts a stamped copper ceiling.  Carefully hung by our carpenters, each copper panel needed to be attached by tiny copper nails and then each nail was individually sealed to preserve the metal’s warm rosy color and prevent the classic green patina from developing.  This stunning finished ceiling represents the great attention we pay to even the smallest detail.

Photography by: Massery Photography, Inc.

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