Patio and Family Room Renovation

As a foster home for rescue dogs, the homeowners decided to renovate to meet their specific needs. With their home perched on a wooded hillside, the geography simply did not allow for a traditional patio. They wanted to open up their family room with an elevated deck above the garage to create a beautiful space that they could enjoy with their pets.

Large windows and glass French doors allow natural light to fill the inside of the home. To continue the theme, the designer selected many natural products including the granite countertop at the kitchen, stone accent wall at the family room, and custom stone sink a the powder room. These products required careful handling and custom carpentry to fit properly into the existing structure. Our carpenters worked closely with the architect and designer to ensure a flawless installation.

Since some of the dogs have special needs that makes running down the stairs to the steep yard a difficulty, including a pet relief area on the deck was a top priority. Working together with the homeowner, designer, and architect, we researched various options for this feature from a natural grass green roof to synthetic alternatives. After exploring the cost of construction, care and maintenance procedures, and aesthetic appeal, the homeowners decided on a synthetic grass system.

With the large trees growing up the hillside creating a natural canopy, a clear glass and metal railing system on the patio completes the open tree house atmosphere.

Photography by: Craig Thompson

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